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Management Plan

The Wellington City Council have produced a Suburban Reserves Management Plan 2015, which includes all reserves under their jurisdiction. The entire plan can be accessed on the Wellington City Council website.

This Plan is constructed as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Purpose of the plan
1.2 What areas does the SRMP cover?
1.3 Structure of the plan
1.4 The suburban reserves network overview
1.5 The planning context – key guiding policies and plans
1.6 Reserve Classification and Reserve Categories

Chapter 2: General objectives and policies
2.1 Landscape
2.2 Recreation
2.3 Ecology and indigenous biodiversity
2.4 Culture and history
2.5 Community groups and partnerships

Chapter 3: Management sector objectives, policies and network plans

Chapter 4: Rules for use and development

Chapter 5: Implementation plan

Section 3.2 within Chapter 3 deals specifically with Trelissick Park and is included on this website.

This is subject to the following

  • In 3.2, 5th para on p 49, The Sanctuary to the Sea track also lies within the park.
  • The map on p 50 shows two areas of leased railway land, whereas on p 52 refers to three. The third one is the smallest and about 150m downstream of Wightwick’s Field.

The new Plan supercedes the Trelissick Park Management Plan June 1995. However, some information from the 1995 Plan has been retained here to provide more information and for historical value on geology, climate and utilities.

Note that the “Utilities” section includes a description of the sewer system as at 1995. Some upgrading has been carried out subsequently.

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