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Memorials within Trelissick Park

Trelissick Park has a number of planted trees and benches and a track in memory of volunteers and others. This page has some of these.

some memorials within the park - (either page down or click on specific entry below)
Memorial plantings in Trelissick Park
And 51 Mosque victims memorial tree plantings
51 Mosque victims - memorial bench
And another memorial bench
Memorial Track for Frances Lee

Memorial plantings in Trelissick Park

Some heritage trees have been planted in the Park - in memory to a few of the many volunteers.

The new Memorial Grove is downstream of Bridge #5 in the Korimako Stream valley, located at a grassy patch just upstream from the entry to the actual Ngaio Gorge.

The trees in the Memorial Grove to date:

Dorothy Douglass

Miro planted 9 July 2022.

Dorothy represented Highland Park (HPPA) for many years and advocated for park access from Oban Street. She was also a working bee ‘regular’, bringing delicious blueberry muffins and other refreshments.

Dorothy Douglass

Olaf John

Tītoki planted 16 July 2022.

For many years Olaf was our Wellington Botanical Society representative. We are indebted to Olaf for his useful information and guidance – a botanical oracle.

Olaf John

Malcolm McDonald

Tawa planted 28 August 2022.

Malcolm was our hard-working and meticulous secretary until late in 2008. He then transformed the gorse-covered slope below Trelissick Crescent to a beautiful native forest and organised the annual Sea-Week beach clean-up at the Kaiwharawhara Stream estuary.

Malcolm McDonald

Gottfried Theiler

Pukatea planted 24 June 2022.

Friedl was an enthusiastic working bee ‘regular’ since the early 2000s. Always a helpful and cheerful presence, with a wide variety of interests.

Gottfried Theiler

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And 51 memorial trees

In memory of the 51 victims at the mosque shootings in Christchurch - 15 March 2019:

51 iconic tree species have been planted by The Wellington Interfaith Council to commemorate the victims of the mosque shootings. The Sathya Sai Service Organisation organised the planting, in conjunction with TPG.

In a couple of centuries, this site near the Kaiwharawhara Stream will be transformed to a grove of Kahikatea, which grow to 40 metres, interspersed with Nīkau palms, Cabbage tree, Lancewood, Pukatea, Mīro and Tītoki.

51 Mosque victims - memorial planting site

A site of plantings in memory of the 51 Christchurch mosque shooting victims.

This site is near the Kaiwharawhara Stream, downstream from the Hanover Track Bridge, on the Wadestown side - a site for reflection.

Mosque shooting victims1 Mosque shooting victims2

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51 Mosque victims - memorial bench

Across the valley from the memorial planting site is a memorial bench for the 51 Christchurch mosque shooting victims.

This bench is on the way down to the Kaiwharawhara Stream from Trelissick Crescent and had a well attended dedication ceremony on 14 March 2021 organised by the Wellington Interfaith Council.

the plaque reads:
"Whāia te iti kahurangi,
ki te tūhoe koe me he maunga teitei.
In fond memory of our 51 whānau
martyred in Christchurch on 15 March 2019.
Wellington Interfaith Council
15 March 2020"

Memorial Bench Memorial Bench Memorial Bench Memorial Bench Memorial Bench

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And another memorial bench

In memory of Oser Galler and Chiune Sugihara: Oser (Ojzer) Galler, from Poland, owed his life to the Japanese Vice-Consul in Lithuania, Chiune Sugihara in the early days of World War 2.

The plaque reads:
Oser Galler - died 14/2/78
Escaped Lithuania in 1940 thanks to the courage
of the Japanese Vice-Consul Chiune Sugihara.

see the following Gorge Gazette for background information:
Gazette of November 2015

Oser Galler - memorial bench

Memorial Bench Memorial Bench Memorial Bench Memorial Bench

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And a memorial Track

The Frances Lee Track:

Frances Lee Track

Named for Frances Lee in 2014. Picture taken on Christmas Day 2014.

Frances initiated the Trelissick Park Group for restoration of the park in 1991 and has been a strong motivating force in the Group over many subsequent years.

This track connects from the Northern Walkway below Trelissick Crescent, down the slope to near Bridge #4 on the Korimako Stream.

Cr Andy Foster suggested that a track in the park should be named after Frances Lee. The track leading off the Northern Walkway (below Trelissick Crescent) down to just upstream of bridge 4 was named ‘The Frances Lee Track', with a plaque at each end. It is a well used track with quick access to the Koromiko valley, through well-established and attractive bush. There is also historical interest, as the upper part appears to follow an old benched track.

Frances Lee Track1 Frances Lee Track2

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