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Maps & Tracks

Maps and tracks and other features of the park

(Google Maps) park location - between the Wellington suburbs of Ngaio, Crofton Downs, Wadestown, Highland Park and Kaiwharawhara.

Click on one of the maps below to view on-line or to download as a PDF.

Ungridded map

Ungridded map

Gridded map

Gridded map

Tracks of Trelissick Park

There are only two named tracks through the Park shown on the above maps. However, there are numbers of other tracks and routes in the Park - all worthy of exploring. The below link provides more specific information on the various options.

Trelissick Tracks.

Entrances to Trelissick Park

As an elongated urban Park, Trelissick Park has entrances from several nearby suburbs: Ngaio, Crofton Downs, Wadestown and Kaiwharawhara. There are seven major entrances numbered from 1 to 7, shown on the above maps as "entry points". There is also one minor entrance not indicated as such on the maps, but shown in the photo link.

Photos of the Park Entrances.

Bridges of Trelissick Park

Trelissick Park has seven bridge crossings of the two major streams in Trelissick Park. The bridges are numbered from 1 to 7 going downstream and are shown on the above maps. There have been a number of major changes over the years, but currently five of the bridges are in the Korimako Stream valley and two of the bridges are in the Kaiwharawhara Stream valley.

Photos of the Park Bridges.

Memorials within Trelissick Park

Trelissick Park has a number of planted trees, benches and a track in memory of volunteers and others.

Photos of Park Memorials.

Features of Trelissick Park

Excluding tracks, entrances, bridges, memorials - there are a number of major 'features' shown on the maps of Trelissick Park.

Photos of Park Features.

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