Committee Meeting Information

The Trelissick Park Group (Committee) meets four or five times a year at the Khandallah Automatic Telephone Exchange Building at 86-88 Khandallah Road, Wellington.

The Telephone Exchange building now houses the Onslow Historical Society Inc. who very generously allow us to hold our meetings there. Parking is available across the road from the building and a lovely kitchen enables us to make tea and coffee during our meetings.

Anyone can come to the committee meetings and contributions of ideas and help are always most welcome.

Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of an upcoming meeting agenda or wishing to have a matter added to the agenda please contact the Chairman, Peter Reimann, 04 938 9602

The Khandallah Automatic Telephone Exchange Building is now nearly a century old. Further information on this building is contained at the following link.

Khandallah Automatic Telephone Exchange Building

The front facade of the Khandallah Automatic Telephone Exchange, (known as KATE) at 86 Khandallah Road, Khandallah, Wellington is shown in the February 2019 picture.

It is the second oldest exchange, of its type, to have survived in New Zealand and is now a registered heritage building due to the work of the Onslow Historical Society.

Next Meeting scheduled:

9:30 a.m. Tuesday  29 June 2021

Recent Meeting Minutes:

23 Feb 2021

17 Nov 2020

18 Aug 2020

19 May 2020

18 Feb 2020


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