Trelissick Park is strategically important with regard to stormwater and sewer services in the northwestern suburbs. The Kaiwharawhara and Korimako Streams are a major stormwater system draining the valley from Karori and Northiand to the south , to Ngaio and Khandailah to the north. Within the park there are also a number of stormwater pipes, culverts and open streams which discharge stormwater into the Kaiw harawhara and Korimako Streams. A stormwater tunnel under the railway embankment takes the flow from the Kaiwharawhara Stream from the Otari/Wilton area to the main stream which is a combination of the Korimako and Kaiwharawhara Streams. A recently upgraded sewer pipe is located within the tunnel.

Major sewer lines which convey sewage flow from Wilton, Crofton Downs and parts of Khandailah and Karori to the main sewer interceptor pass beneath the park. The 450 and 525mm diameter pipelines were replaced in 1984. As a consequence of this work there are some lengths of abandoned pipe lying within the park. There is also a length of older sewer pipe of varying ages towards the eastern end of the park. This pipe takes the flow from Wadestown. Upgrading works on this pipelines are planned in the 1994/95 financial year. While most of the sewer lines are underground there are locations throughout the park where pipelines and manholes are quite visible. Two grill covered tunnel portals can be seen from the main track when walking beside the Kaiwharawhara Stream. Generally the sewer infrastructure within the park while quite visible it is not generally obtrusive.

The 110kv Khandallah to Wilton transmission line passes over the park. Pylons are located on the Northern Walkway spur below Trelissick Crescent and on the area below Oban Street in Highland Park.


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